Conditional gift of God 


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Conditional Gift of God and some odd quesions.

Can a gift be conditional? Generally, once the gift is offered, the ownership is also transferred to the receiver absolutely. If you present a lovely bouquet on the birthday or wedding ceremony to some person, there remains no question of any condition. If some relative invites you for the marriage of his offspring and if you were then running in very tight budget, yet consuming like a bitter pill you have to somehow manage a suitable gift according to your status and with a pleasant smile, you have to present the same unconditionally. Whenever you gift a valuable property like homestead land or immovable property to your ward or relative you may adopt some conditions depending on your own wish. God gifted us eyes to see the beautiful world, its’ colour and flavour, ear to hear, nose to smell, tongue to taste skin to feel, heart to love, intelligence to judge and last of all conscience to determine right and wrong which make us superior to all creature. Nevertheless, when he gave it to men then why he takes back all these gifts is a million dollar question. Whenever we are compelled to sign our death warrant against our all wish, we are bound to surrender all these senses to him one by one. Vision will blur, hair will turn gray and vanish tooth will fall like leaves, and intelligence will be blunt, youthfulness will turn into ugliness, which is nothing but surrender the remnant to remitter. The law of nature, maturity of human being, etc may be said in support. It may also be advocated that death is nothing but a rebirth. “Vasansi jirnani yatha vihaya navani grihnati narohporani…etc” Life is like as larva, pupa or cocoon whatever it may be called, which ends achieving its full growth such as mosquitoes or other insects get etc. When a mosquito is fully grown, flies away leaving his larva-body, and then the larva fellow in the water mourns as if one of their friends died which actually is not his death but the rebirth. So, shall we call ourselves that we are living in a larva stage? Is it not so important or is it meaningless? Then why knowing everything God bothered for this stage so much instead of full-grown stage?

God gifted us ‘Kshiti’ (the earth: land), AAP (water: sea), TEJ (fire: sun), MARUT (Pawan: air), BOAM (Akash: sky), Mind, intelligence and ego. (“BHUMIRAPOHANALO BAYUH KHONG MANO BUDHDHIREBACHA, AHAMKARA ITIYANG ME VINNA PRAKRITIRASTHADHA” Gita: 7:4)These are the source of everything, whatever belongs to the earth living or nonliving. Indian philosophy says like this. He also gave us all sorts of aesthetic qualities like kindness, love, and affection; including the bad qualities like cruelties, inhumanity, anger, savageness, revenge, hate etc. The man has the sole authority to act whatever his conscience directs. The idol of ‘Pravu Jagannath’ is the best answer to the question. The idol (Without any hand) symbolizes a great implication. It silently tells to all humankind that He gave them everything to operate; hands to work and head to think. Whatever the man or humankind want can do so at their own risk. The man, through his hands can work, worship, fight, or murder whatever at his conscience leads. However, Pravu Gagannath wants to tell us silently that He is indifferent and has nothing to do on his part as he possesses no hand to help. There are two implications of this. God gave us the world to reign, not to pollute it. If we disobey the rule and pollute the air, earth, sea, then we have to be cursed and thrown away to doom. If we do not nurture the good qualities like love , fellow feeling, fraternity, humanity, kindness etc instead, cultivate hate, anger, revenge and cruelty then the result will be worse than what we are facing every day. Definitely, the curse is inevitable. None else but we, the entire human being will be solely responsible for our grief, sorrow and misery or misfortune. Everybody knows this. It is also a condition.

As per the holy Bible, God created the universe and its all belongings within seven days. He permitted Adam and Eve to live in Eden as long as they desire and instructed them to dominate the world putting his first condition not to eat the fruit of knowledge. Unfortunately or fortunately whatever we may call, it was disobeyed. The serpent convinced Eve. She ate the fruit of knowledge and eventually was thrown away from Eden. God cursed the serpent, along with Adam and Eve. It was fortunate that they disobeyed the lord’s verdict so that we were born and created, otherwise we would not be here. It is unfortunate that God deported them from heaven for the breach of contract and they had to work hard for their living.

Nevertheless, why god gave such condition to Adam and Eve? He created man along with other creatures like beasts, serpents, birds, fish etc. with their usual habits and found it was good. God is omnipotent. He knows everything, present, past and future. He must knew very well that Eve will surely eat the fruit of knowledge and they would be cursed. What harm would have been happem if the forbidden fruit had not been created at all? Sense of Hate, anger, grudge etc might have not been implanted at all in our mind excluding the other good qualities? There was no need to create Satan. We know God is pure and perfect. Therefore, his creation would surely be perfect. A perfect God can never create an imperfect thing and not even allow it. However, we see that he has to come on this earth as Avatar to mend it time to time whenever it was required. “yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhabati bharata. Abhyutthanamdharmasya tadatmanang srijamyaham. Paritranay sadhunang binashaya cha dushkritam. Dharma sansthapanartha shambhawami yuge yuge”(Gita:4:7&8). (Whenever dishonesty dominate the world then to protect the honest people and to destroy the evil (God) have to come to bring parity). As such, He has created such machinery, which goes out of order after a specific period, and he has to take rebirth as Avatar. Therefore, is it that his creation is not perfect? Who is responsible for all of this misfortune; God himself or man? Many may call it is his ‘lila’ or wish, then it must be said that he himself is also not beyond the desire, anger, hate etc. if it is not so then why he cursed the serpent? Almost all the holy books of different religion admit that God blesses the competent and pious persons; then, on the contrary, He definitely hates the evil person. Hence, He is not above the manly nature.

Sarada ma (wife of Ramakrishna Paramhansha) told, before finding the fault in others, first search it in you, then blame others. I meekly just ask, I did not kill Bali from distance hiding under cover when he was fighting with ‘Sugriba’ but oh lord! Rama, it was you who to protect your friend, killed ‘Bali’ breaking the usual law of war prevailing at that time. It was not me to send Sitamata to exile but oh lord! It was you. Knowing everything good or bad, right or wrong, you were biased and took the most inhuman decision to dethrone sitamata only to please the public on the plea to establish democracy. Although Sita gave agnipariksha in front of you and others, and you knew very well that she was pure as fire, yet knowing the entire thing, you have done the most injustice to her. In the eye of the ordinary public, you had maintained your ideal image, but did ever think the mental condition of Sita? How cruel & injustice it would be for a mother, who is going to give birth of your son to exile again instead of being a queen? Ultimately, you lost Sitamata for your vindictive order to take Agni pariksha of Janaki twice in front of all to maintain your ideal image. On the contrary, Ravana, being an Asrura did not keep Sita in his palace and implied any force to be his queen which he could do at ease as per prevailing norms but kept her in a garden guarded by females only (He not even touched her or force her). I am not blaming you but tell me once oh lord Ram, asking your conscience, did you do the justice? Could you not able to convince your public being a king? Are you then an inefficient king?

In that time, Asuras or Rakshasas like Putana were used to spoil or massacre the yagna, the ritual of Rishis that is why you killed Putana. It was no doubt a good job. You yourself, being Avatar and God, send Lakshmana to spoil the yagna of Meghnad so that he may not complete his ritual and was not able to be unconquered. Then what is the difference between Putana and Lakshmana? You had to send Bajrang bali in disguise of a brahmana to steal the mrityuban of Ravana. If you were so powerful then why did you do this? Were you not enough to kill Ravana? It is said that Ram was the incarnation of lord Vishnu and Sitamata of Lakshmi. Ram being born as an Avatar sometimes could not realize his godliness and behaved like an ordinary person. He lamented for Sitamata, further expelled her including Lakshmana. Was he not a king with his power of impartial judgment and justice like Vikramaditya or Raja Harishchandra?

If we look in to the injustice done to Ahallya we can see that in absence of Rishi Goutam Devoraj Indra came in disguise of Goutam and Ahallya treated him as her husband. Ultimately being a complete innocent, she had to suffer and Deboraj Indra was rewarded and renamed as ‘‘Sahashra lochana”. If Devaraj Indra, being one of the Gods, could not control his desire then why the ordinary man be blamed?

Just remember what happened at the time of “Samudra Manthan”, both the Suras and Asuras collectively did the job but Gods intentionally deprived the Asuras. Whenever good thing like Parijat, Lakshmi etc had emerged, then it was marked for Gods and at last, when the ‘amrita’ came then the distribution was done in so undemocratic way so that Asura could get nothing. Is not a preplanned conspiracy? Gods wanted that only they would be immortal and none else be allowed to equal them. There were conditions everywhere.

So being a most ordinary man, I may do many mistakes or lots of wrongs but will it not be judged in true perspective? To err is human and failure is the pillar of success is universal truths. Even the Gods were not above the mistakes and manly behavior. If it were not be so, then how vashmasur was blessed with?

This is like a humor “dhakka mara wo to thik hai, lakin tum liya kiun?” (I thrashed you, it is alright, but why did you take it?) Had there been any option left for us especially for me, if it happened by any chance, then I personally opt for outright and unconditional option. No predator no prey, no sorrow no hate, no war no death.

Till we pray to god, obey him, worship him as we are left with no other alternatives at all. In our young blood we may be atheist or agnostic or deny Him, dismissing and saying the spirituality, religion or God, is a fool’s paradise as nobody compels us to abide by. On the contrary, in our twilight years, whenever counting the life’s balance sheet, experience a huge deficit, fail to square up the debts to our father, mother, friends, country, society and dear one. When life becomes an utter failure and nothing else, we want to seek some shelter and rely upon none else but to God surrendering completely telling Him our miseries, drawbacks etc, with a faint hope that He might hear us. Last of all my earnest request to God not to give further any condition which cannot be endured by people like me, a chicken hearted man. Tell me my beloved God to whom do we complain except you? If you do not hear to whom shall we pray and express our sufferings? There is none to give us any shelter, any consolation. O God kindly don’t be angry with me for my complain. I would not tell you all these, as my days have become numbered. I may not be allowed any extension as per your predestined condition. Do you hear me my God?

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